CISNO Portable Electric Espresso Machine

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Must know before your first brew

  1. Install the battery pack and allow 2.5 hours charging time.

  2. Only wash the drinking cup, capsule cap, and air vent water lid. Please do not wash the main body of the machine.

  3. To run machine 3 times without capsule inserted using boiled water to internally clean it. NOTE: Do not place the machine upside down after using it. It would cause a damage if any liquid falls into the machine.

  4. If you have any questions or concerns about operating this machine, please feel free to contact the seller and we ensure you receive a prompt reply and solution.


Must know for your first use

  1. Only use genuine OriginalLine Nespresso capsules instead of compatible ones. Piercing needles would not puncture the foil quite enough if you use other brand's pod. What's worse, it may bend needles.

  2. To get a hot cup of espresso, please run this machine using hot water without a capsule inserted to pre-heat the unit and to prevent additional heat loss, do not detach the drinking cup when pumping(Water heating temperature: 194℉/90℃ & Pouring temperature: 149℉/65℃).

  3. Do not use ICE water. Room temperature water and boiled water recommended.


 15 Bar Pressure

1.35oz Standard Espresso Shot

Two Charging Methods: AC Adapter & 12V car charger

Lithium battery: 28.86WH & Voltage: 12V

Charging time: approx.2.5 hours

Automatically pump

80+ Cups per Charge(using hot water to instantly brew)

3 Cups per Charge(using room temperature to heat)

Dimension: 3.2*3.0*9.9inch

Body material: ABS

Cup material: Food Grade Plastic

Net Weight: 1.9 lbs (1.0kg)​​

​Manual & Drivers



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