CISNO's manufacturer Warranty is covered through products sold on our website and through Amazon.com or Walmart.com.


The limited Warranty will be honored under the following circumstances:


  • If purchased through Amazon.com or Walmart.com.

  • Purchase date is within one year. 

  • The unit has been confirmed defective after troubleshooting with the CISNO America Customer Service team.

  • The unit has been operated based on the user manual instructions.

The limited Warranty will be voided if:


  • One has tried to manipulate or make unauthorized technical changes to the unit.

  • Physical damage has been done to the unit to where it doesn’t function properly.

  • The unit has been used outside of North America’s voltage capacity outlets.


Below are the steps for claiming your Warranty:


  1. Go to the contact page and fill out the form with your order ID.

  2. Once the proof of purchase has been sent, we will get back to you with a pre-paid label.

  3. When preparing your unit to ship, place all accessories back in the original box. 

  4. Print out the label and place it in the box. 

  5. Send the unit back to us at this address below (Shipping costs for sending the product back to CISNO will be the owner’s responsibility).

  6. Once your packaging has shipped, please send the tracking number to support@cisnotech.com.

  7. When we receive the unit back here, our engineer will inspect it.

  8. If the unit is defective, we’ll send you a brand new unit. If the unit is not faulty, we’ll send the unit back to you and fix any necessary parts.

Shipping Address:


USA Okeba Industries Inc.
17421 E GALE AVE


* We encourage returns to be sent via USPS in order to process them through our receiving department quickly.

  • Shipping costs for sending the unit to CISNO is handled by the owner of the unit.

  • CISNO will handle shipping back to the owner of the unit, whether their unit has been fixed or they are receiving a brand new unit.


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